Recomposição: sobre as recentes greves em Itália

The workers, porters in particular, at the centre of these struggles, are almost all migrants. It isn’t hard to understand why: existing legislation blackmails them and poses them at the bottom of the labour market hierarchy, where borders between employment and undeclared work blur, where contracts are only formalities that bosses can easily disrespect, where the intensity of exploitation doesn’t know rules nor limits. In the system of cooperatives – job model of the Left and principal enemy of these exploited workers – command hierarchies are sharp-cut and articulated: from the top of a company to a network of gangsters and spies, through the ordinary employment of mafia gangs harassing key figures in the workers’ struggles (burnt cars, threats and aggressions, etc.). And it is precisely in these extreme conditions, however, that migrants become the paradigm of contemporary precariousness, thus of the general composition of living labour.

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