Eurodeputado do Syriza contra o acordo

Artigo do eurodeputado Manolis Glezos (que em 1941 substituiu a suástica pela bandeira grega sobre a Acrópole):
“Renaming the Troika into Institutions, the Memorandum of Understanding into Agreement and the lenders into partners, you do not change the previous situations as in the case renaming meat into fish.

Of course, you cannot change the vote of the Greek people at the elections of January 25, 2015.

The people voted in favor of what SYRIZA promised: to remove the austerity which is not the only strategy of the oligarchic Germany and the other EU countries, but also the strategy of the Greek oligarchy.

To remove the Memoranda and the Troika, abolish all laws of austerity.

The next day after the elections, we abolish per law the Troika and its consequences.

Now a month has passed and the promises have not turned into practice.

Pity. and pity, again.

On my part, I APOLOGIZE to the Greek people because I have contributed to this illusion. (...)

SYRIZA members, friends and supporters at all levels of organizations should decide in extraordinary meetings whether they accept this situation.

Some argue that to reach an agreement, you have to retreat. First: there can be no compromise between oppressor and oppressed. Between the slave and the occupier is the only solution is Freedom.

But even if we accept this absurdity, the concessions already made by the previous pro-austerity governments in terms of unemployment, austerity, poverty, suicides have gone beyond the limits.
[Tradução do Keep Talking Greece; original aqui]

Atenção que o facto de eu estar a postar este artigo não implica necessariamente uma concordância (confesso que não estou certo se o acordo é bom ou mau para a Grécia; muitos economistas e comentadores da imprensa económica acham que é bom, mas a análise deles é feita comparando apenas com as alternativas dentro do sistema, que eles consideram fundamentalmente imutável).

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