Ainda acerca do futuro governo grego

Tsipras Recieved Mandate To Form Greek Government (Keep Talking Greece:):
Alexis Tsipras, leader of left-wing Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA), the party that emerged second at the Greek elections 2012, received the mandate to hold exploratory talks and form the next coalition government.
«This is a historical moment for the Left” Alexis Tsipras told President Karolos Papoulias.
Tsipras, 38, will seek to primarily meet with the leaders of left parties (Democratic Left, KKE) but also with parties (Eco-Greens, Social Agreement, ANTARSYA) that did not manage to pass the 3% threshold and enter the parliament.
The meetings with the last three parties will be doen with the perspective of future alliances in case there would be a second round of elections (repeat elections). Eco-Greens, Social Agreement and ANTARSYA received together 5+ percent of the votes.
SYRIZA leader will also meet with PASOK, trade unions and social bodies.It is questionable whether he will meet with nationalist Independent Greeks, while a meeting with Chrysi Avgi is excluded from his agenda. Most likely he will not meet with Samaras as ND governance programme is in direct opposition to SYRIZA one, as Tsipras said yesterday.
Communist KKE has so far rejected any offers for coalitions.
Greek media report that top of the government agenda of Tsipras is a coalition of the left and to denounce the Memorandum of Understanding, however with modifications that would enable the country to re-negotiate.
Tsipras is expected to reveal his governance proposal lat about 3:30 pm and to exhaust the three days period of the mandate.
Tactics of “Blame Games”?
PASOK (Venizelos) said openly that it would give a minority government SYRIZA/Democratic Left a “vote of tolerance”. The same has been said by some ND officials.

A 71-seat weak government with the support of 149 MPs? A politically weak PM to re-negotiate with EU bureaucrats and IMF technocrats? It looks like a very tricky if not satanic mousetrap.

Noone would wonder if behind PASOK/ND readiness is the purpose to discredit SYRIZA in front of its voters and have the party suffer a defeat in the next elections, whether in upcoming June or later. PASOK lost more than 25% of its former voters mainly to SYRIZA.

Dangerous paths with dirty games…

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