SYRIZA desiste de formar governor

Via Keep Talking Greece:
09:10 pm

about Samaras and Venizelos: they cannot support their commitments (signatures to bailout) AND a left government.

I asked them a declaration of sincerity

on May 6th the country change the page

Today we have a great chance not only for Greece but also for Europe. A chance to overturn the austerity programmes. We have forced the whole Europe to speak about the Greek votes.

Popular vote is for immediate overturn of the austerity programme.

He spoke about freezing of fiscal adjustment implementation “June, July and after…” and blamed Samaras and Venizelos for having signed the bailout not for the shake of the people but for their own shake and their parties.

About Democratic Left: had we jointly come together at the elections, today we would be the first party. (52+19=71 =50 seats bonus = 121

09:20 pm

We cannot make our dream of a left-government to come true. We have people’s support but not the parliament parties support.

We tried to avoid fresh elections, but Venizelos put the dilemma in front of us : either bailout programme implementation or fresh elections! He tried to support a SYRIZA-DEM LEFt gov with a vote of tolerance, a government that would perfome his own agenda.

Tomorrow I will return the mandate to the president. We will follow the president’s invitation when he calls political leaders’ council.

Alexis Tsipras will return the mandate 1 pm on Thursday. The president will give the mandate to Venizelos.