O fim de Mubarak?

Al Jazeera Live blog:
5:39pm: Huge chant, Tahrir Square seemingly in unison, shouting: "The army and the people in one hand - the army and the people are united."

5:35pm: Ayman Mohyeldin, Al Jazeera's correspondent, reports: "Now, for the first time, we are getting the sense that senior military officers are discussing 'national issues', which is a very significant development indeed."

5:30pm: "Ambiguous" statement from military confirms its “commitment and responsibility to safeguard the people and to protect the interests of the nation, and its duty to protect the riches and assets of the people and of Egypt”. Mentioned the demands of the people are “lawful and legitimate”. Understood the military council met separately from Mubarak.

5:23pm: NDP Secretary General Hossam Badrawi says he expects Mubarak to respond to the demands of the people before Friday. An official statement from the military is imminent.

5:20pm: A senior military commander is reported to have told protesters that all their demands will be met, but no official confirmation is yet available

5:15pm: Al Jazeera’s Hoda Abdel-Hamid, reporting from Cairo, confirmed the new demands of those in Tahrir Square include the entire administration to resign – not just President Mubarak. They want a one-year transitional period before full parliamentary elections - during which a three-person presidential council should run the country while a panel of experts write a new, permanent constitution – taking advice from opposition groups and senior, high-profile Egyptians, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

5:09pm: The Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces is meeting to study its position toward the ongoing crisis

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FranciscoJP disse...

Não a despropósito, algo que vale a pena partilhar: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/egypt/110208/mubarak-world-richest-man-billionaire

filipeabrantes disse...

A CNN disse há pouco que Mubarak tinha entregue poder ao exército.

Anónimo disse...

Os EUA/ Cia forçaram o Exército egípcio a " tomar " totalmente o poder contra a má imagem " total " de Moubarak, de rastos depois duas semanas vertiginosas. Niet

باز راس الوهابية وفتواه في جواز الصمعولة اليهود. اار الازعيم-O FLUVIÁRIO NO DESERTO disse...

talvez e depois?

a classe média que protesta será apaziguada com os aumentos de 15% prometidos

a inflação aumentará

e daqui a uns meses mais motins e mais repressão

Anónimo disse...

Arábia Saudita diz que " paga " para Moubarak se manter no poder, segundo revelou jornalista da France24 no Cairo, agora mesmo em linha.Os reis saiditas " ofereceram-se " para substituir a " ajuda " económica americana...É obra! Niet